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P.S. If you are interesting in learning personality profiling from handwriting, this is the correct website to start your studies. If you are interested in having a profession DO a forensic handwriting report on a document which you suspect could be forged, this is the correct website to hire an expert.

Call the office today: 1- 323-544-9277

Mayor of Los Angeles Says

"When you need a professional handwriting expert of the highest standards, hire Bart Baggett. He is honest, quick, direct... and will deliver an objective expert opinion, every time.  I recommend him without hesitation."

- Richard J. Riordan,
39th Mayor of Los Angeles




Helped client avoid 15 years in prison.

"Thanks you soooooo much for going above and beyond. Your testimony was the key the criminal lawsuit against me. The jury found me NOT GUILTY on all counts. They obviously believed you instead of that Police document examiner the D.A. hired.

I was so impressed you handled that District Attorney with such professionalism... he knew you were right, but couldn't make you look bad on the witness stand.

I have my life back. Thank you Mr. Baggett!"

-Amir Dawood, Attorney, San Bernadino, CA

Even when Bart isn't in the room,
his reputation helps client win

"Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter. Your opinion letter may become enough to prevent a trial."
— Sandra G. Slater Phoenix, AZ


Just an FYI. We won our case in small claims court (Balboa Capital vs. San Dollar Mortgage Service, Inc) . The judge accepted your "Official Letter of Opinion" in lui of a live testimony and he believed your opinion was credible. Should Mr. Baggett want to use our case for testimonial, feel free to do so. Thanks to you and Bart for efficient service!!!"

— Margaret Granger , San Bernadino, California



Forgery Detection is a complicated and skilled profession which takes years of training.

Bart Baggett is qualified to help you solve your case. We work with attorneys, individuals, and corporations in the US and Canada.


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Bart Baggett International Headquarters
15233 Ventura Blvd Floor 5
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
Telephone 310-684-3489 Ext 2

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