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Fear of Ridicule

A Preview of the "Roadblocks to Success" Chapter in Bart Baggett's upcoming book Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy.

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Fear of Ridicule
Fear of Rejection (Self-consciousness)

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More on The Fear of Ridicule.

As humans, the need for love and connections sits at core of our being. The fear illustrated by this "emotional roadblock" is different than the our basic emptiness when we are not loved. The fear of rejection or ridicule is a response to the social conditioning that occurs when we are children. Our brains are great learning machines. So effective that even just one strong emotional event can effect our behavoir the rest of our lives. When a six year old stands up in class to answer a question, her brain makes a connection.

If she gets the answer correct and the teacher praises her, her brain connects standing up in class with good feeling of approval. If she misses the question and the whole class laughs at her, her brain learns that standing up in class to answer a question equals humiliation and embarassement. If this negative event is deeply emotional or occurs repeatedly, a fear of ridicule is developed. If you happen to the one of the millions of people that rank the fear of public speaking higher than the fear of death, you might have some self-conciousness.

In handwriting, a severe fear of ridicule is signified by the humps on the letters m or n.

This self-consciousness in their handwriting is show when the second hump is higher than the first hump. . It's interesting, because in handwriting analysis, the opposite of a stroke is not always the opposite meaning. In the letter t, the low t-bar and high t-bar have reciprocal meanings. However, in the m and n, it isn't the case.

For instance, the opposite of the fear of ridicule does not mean you enjoy ridicule. You also can't say, "Just because I don't have a loop in my d-stem, I'm never sensitive to criticism." It doesn't work that way. This is why it may take a little bit of study with more advanced material to bat 100% when analyzing handwriting. In this example, the "m's" that go downhill indicate diplomacy. Diplomacy means you have the ability to say things in a very kind way and be diplomatic.

Diplomacy is a very positive trait. Self-consciousess has no redeeming factors. Therefore, the decision to exchange one for the other is a no-brainer. If your humps go uphill, it doesn't mean you can't be diplomatic. But it does mean that you have a little bit more self-consciousness than you have diplomacy. In handwriting, the stronger trait will occur in any letter where two or more traits might occur. Often, the letters will alternate one shape to the other shape. This indicates both traits are a significant portion of the personality.

In a sales career, this trait is very detrimental to a success. If you can't make cold calls because you're afraid they might say no. You have a big hurdle to overcome. If you give me a stack of salesmen's handwriting. The one writing with self-consciousness is invariably the sales manager. Why? Because he has chosen to train and administer rather than deal with rejection on a daily basis.

If you are single, you might experience self-consciousness when you meet someone new. If you feel nervous to speak or a bit uncomfortable about doing the wrong this, you are feeling the fear of rejection. Here is a test. Pick someone across the room that you do not know. Walk right up to them and strike up a conversation. In many people, the level of anxiety in this scenerio is in direct proportion with the level of self-consciousness you have.

I guarantee you by changing this trait, you will feel positive results.

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