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"What's in the mind of Timothy McVeigh"
Convicted Bomber of the Oklahoma City Federal Buidling

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These samples were compliments of Esquire Magazine and the Catherine Crier Show on Court TV (Bart appeared live 4/30/2001 live nationwide via satellite.)
-Analyzed by Bart Baggett
Director of HandwritingUniversity.com
(Where you can become a Certified Handwriting Analyst.)

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Listen to the REAL AUDIO track here. This is a recording of the recent
TV interview hosted by Catherine Crier, broadcast live on April 30th. Bart Baggett is the
first male voice you will hear.
Part one is the segment before Bart, reporters discussing Tim McVeigh

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https://www.handwritinguniversity.com/rm/mcveigh.rm (handwriting segment)


Handwriting Samples: Scroll down to see the enlarged versions.

Bart Baggett's Analysis of Tim McVeigh's Handwriting:

In a nutshell, Tim McVeigh is an anti-social introvert with arrogance and a lack of empathy. His printing and FA slant (leftward) indicates his lack of social and emotional expressiveness.

His low t-bars combined with tall t-stems indicates a dramatic gap between his true self-esteem (very low) and his egomaniacal pride and vanity (large.) Anytime the distant between our own delusions of self importance and our own internal lack of self-worth co-exist in the same person, outrageous behavoir usually occurs to compensate for the lack of balance.

The t-bars are quite long indicating enthusiasm.

The writing in tiny and well formed: precision and perfectionist. I'm sure he would have a made a good soldier. Tim has admitted he was just a soldier against the American Government. And, quite frankly, the American Government has been an oppressive and injust force in a few recent cases (Waco and Ruby Ridge.) However, McVeigh has lost touch with reality and because of his social and emotional withdrawal literally forgot he was not fighting a war against his own people.

He must have experience some major "emotional trauma" in his past to become that withdrawn and emotionally cold and calculated.

Intelligent? Not particulary. He is methodical and focused. He is not overburdened with natural "smarts". However, because of his extra ordinary ability to focus on one thing and his excessive perfectionist tendencies and slow methodical thinking.... he can learn and memorize information.

His y's indicate a "loner" quality, as well as much physical frustration. Notice in the yellow note many of his y's look more like V's ... making the upstroke from the bottom of the y. That indicates AGGRESSIVENESS, which has dissappeared from the year 2000 white sample. I guess two years in prison mellowed the guy out.

Is Tim crazy? No... just a misguided soldier that the American Government trained and then let loose.

Power Traits:

Focus concentration, methodical cumulative thinking, patient, ethusiasm, pride (arrogance), eye for detail, self-reliance, diplomacy, honesty/ bluntness

Negative Traits

Social introversion, sexually and physically frustrated, aggression, irritation, low self-esteem, arrogance and vanity, anal retentive need for perfection (neurotic.)



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