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He ended apartheid..
he freed his country..
What does Nelson Mandela's handwriting reveal?
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Nelson Mandela reveals emotional
control & high self-esteem
-by Bart Baggett

South Africa is now a free and fair nation because of Nelson Mandela. Can you imagine spending 20 years as a political prisoner and still preach the benefits of a peaceful resolution. In times like we are living in today, men with this level of vision and mindset should be studied carefully. Are your t-bars as high as his?

Here are the high points of his handwriting:

1. Looped h's = open minded to philosophies and new ideas.
2. Needle pointed m's & n's = sharp & fast thinking - highly intelligent.
3. High crossed t-bar = High self-esteem & ambition
4. Life in pen = intuition and spiritual insight (sixth sense)
5. Connected letters = fluidity of thinking & intelligence
6. break away p = slightly argumentative & stubborn
7. Uphill slant = optimism / positive attitude

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You also might notice the slant of the letters are more vertical than rightward slanted. This is the tendency to keep his emotions inside and not "need" a daily dose of emotional expressiveness. This helps him remain cool under pressure and tense situations.

Nelson Mandela's writing.



*This handwriting sample used with permission from "The Most Important Thing I Know" Written by Lorne AdrainBart's Book cover


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