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General Colin Powell reveals Power in his pensmanship. -by Bart Baggett

The Gulf War Hero is a man of integrity, power, and determination. But, I don't expect him to cry at the end of Forest Gump type films.

Men that print are not always men of integrity. In fact, I tend to put my guard up around people that ONLY block print. I suppose it goes with the saying, "If you aren't hiding something... why be secretive?"

Printers are the least emotionally available of all types of writers. Women in a relationship with a block printer, get used to NOT getting the emotional support or expressiveness you want.

People with tall upper and lower zone loops tend to be more balanced & reliable than those with big fluffy middle zone writing.

Tall upper zones also indicate a "demand for respect" and a over developed sense of pride/ dignity. In most cases, this turns out to behavior that is noble. However, it can be a source of irritation and a "hot button" for those around him that don't bow to his greatness. Even people that are known to be humble, like great martial arts "masters", get bent out of shape if you don't bow when you walk into the room. PRIDE = protocol and respect. Break the "rules" and you are showing disrespect. This is another form of being sensitive to what other's think.

Tall upper loops indicates someone who is a "thinker" and I would bet the General is very well read in all the classic literature of great Western Minds.

To be a leader requires determination and strength. His hard & heavy handwriting with long downstrokes indicates intense emotion and determination.

General Colin Powell

*This handwriting sample used with permission from "The Most Important Thing I Know" Written by Lorne Adrain

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