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What does Paris Hilton's Handwriting
Reveal about her true nature?


1. Feature story: Paris Hilton's personality.
Read the article by Guest Author, D Babb, and listen to an audio analysis by Bart Baggett at the recent International Handwriting Analysis Seminar. Also, read along with the audio on the typed transcript.

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Bart Baggett
Listen to Bart's Analysis of Paris' Handwriting using FLASH Audio here:

And read along with the Audio Transcript here:

Audio Analysis

Who is the real Paris Hilton?

Written by D Babb

Because the very large P in Paris’ signature indicates a very big ego, she can appear to be very self confident and able to handle anything that comes her way. However, that’s not always the case. She often uses her ego to mask her insecurities. This is confirmed by the way she crosses the letter t. The t-bars are mostly in the middle zone, indicating Paris suffers just like a lot of other people. She doesn’t see everything she has going for her. When she looks in the mirror, she only sees the imperfections.

The lack of upper zones in her writing indicates that Paris lives in the moment and doesn’t look very far into the future. She tends to say and do anything that makes her feel good at the time without giving much, if any, thought to the consequences.

The open o’s and a’s show that she is willing to offer advice, whether it is asked for or not. She keeps very few personal secrets.

Paris is a slow, methodical thinker. She needs to have as much information as she can get before she makes a decision. This is evident in the rounded tops of the m’s and n’s.

The personal pronoun I shows that Paris has emotionally removed her parents from her life.

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D Babb


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