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Robert Blake.

Veteran TV celebrity, Over 60,

Arrested for the murder his wife.

Original story broke in May of 2001.
Now, April of 2002... Police file charges
and believe they have the murderer.

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Accused of murder. Does Robert Blake have the capacity to kill his own wife? -by Bart Baggett


Do you think Robert Blake has the personality to be a cold blooded killer. However, you tell me what you see in his chicken scratch.

He might be getting old & unhealthy (shakey strokes throughout the writing). Because a stroke is a stroke wherever you find it, you can see the anger in this writing.

Hard Rigid upstrokes = anger
Very Heavy Writing = deep enduring emotions (love & hate)
Tall stems on d and t = Vanity and inability to accept his own shortcomings or mistakes.

This guy is no Mother Theresa.

Naturally, handwriting cannot reveal what action someone did in the past. Handwriting can only reveal the state of mind and the personality of the writer.

He has the personality of a quick tempered angry man. However, does that mean the anger is going to be taken out on his wife? Perhaps the courts can sort out who killed his wife. He is the prime suspect and there seems to be a strong case against him.

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