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The files in this 8 minute series will be short, concise, and just a section of the whole 3-day certification level seminar. If you want full, comprehensive training, you will want to join the program as an official student and listen to all 14 hours of audio/video.

This file includes the story of Lyngere from Colorado, who profoundly changed her life in just three weeks using grapho-therapy

Certification Level Seminar, Part One; Why Changing Your Handwriting can change your life. Using grapho-therapy to become happier and more successful.

Bart Baggett, author of "Change Your Life in 30 Days" Workbook for Kids
(and adults)

This segment is part of the overview during the first hour of the 3-day seminar.

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The books referred to in this audio file are the Change Your Life in 30 Days Workbook for Adults, Change Your Life in 30 Days Workbook for Kids, Secrets to Making Love Happen, and the
Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy.

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change your life workbook

Read about Adults' Workbook

change your life workbook

Read about the Kids' Workbook

Listening to these files is like you are
in the front row of the live seminar.

These are portions of the actual recordings of the programs we ship worldwide as part of our home study courses.

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You will want to own the handouts and follow along with the handwriting samples by using your own at-home course, CDs, binders, handouts, and DVDs.

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